Topics Covered

Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer
Solid Mechanics
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Renewable Energy Technology
Materials Engineering
Composite Materials
Industrial Engineering
Manufacturing Processes
Machine Design
Quality Control
Mechanical Maintenance
Automatic Control
Cutting and Forming Processes
Manufacturing Systems
Operations Research
Operations Strategy
Operations Planning, Scheduling and Control
Optimisation Techniques
Production Processes
Heat and relevant mass transfer
Forced, natural or mixed convection
Single or Multi-phase fluid flow
Combined modes of heat transfer in complex systems
Transport phenomena taking place in industrial processes
Nano-and micro-technology for energy
Heat transport analysis in advanced systems heat and mass transfer
Turbulence modeling
Thermo physical properties of matter
Aerothermodynamics of internal flow
Turbulence modeling
Engineering thermodynamics
Thermo physical properties of matter
Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Turbo Machines
Fluid Power Engineering
Renewable and Non-conventional Energy Sources
Energy Systems
Heat and mass transfer occurring in many processes in chemical, food, 
Agricultural, metallurgical, automobile, space and aeronautical industries
Finite Element Analysis

But not limited to this....................